Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 cent 1971

This is a classic must have in every coin collector. It was minted around 30,000+ only. I got it 2 years back in UNC condition. I should have buy more than 1 piece. Today you have to pay the price of RM250 for it.... And yup some people do pay for it. Do you want this piece?? hehe. I will sell it for RM250.

British Trade Dollar

This is the history.....

The British Trade Dollar was issued from around 1895 to 1935. This coin was quite popular and used in Singapore and Hong Kong to stop other countries’ silver dollars from being circulated in British colonies. This coin was known as Ringgit Tongkat in Malaya.

The British Trade Dollar appeared in China as a result of the Opium Wars (1839-1843, 1856-1860), when China tried to stop Britain from selling opium to its citizens. The looser of the Opium War, China, opened up a number of ports to British, including Hong Kong. As a result foreign banks were established, and large silver coins from all over the world began arriving to pay for tea, silk, and Chinese porcelain to be shipped abroad.

The British Trade Dollars, minted exclusively for use in the Far East. On the one side of dollars is Britannia standing on shore, holding a trident in one hand and balancing a British shield in the other, with a merchant ship under full sail in the background. On the reverse of dollar is an arabesque design with the Chinese symbol for longevity in the center, and the denomination in two languages— Chinese and Jawi Malay. The British Trade Dollar was a silver coin. It is 420 grains in weight, composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, as opposed to the 412 grains of a standard US silver dollar of the time period. The diameter The British Trade Dollars were 39.0 millimeters.

The British Trade Dollars had different marks depending of the mint center. Thus, dollars with the mint mark “B” were produced at the Bombay mint; dollars marked by “C”, were struck in Calcutta. The mint mark “C” can be found in the ground between the left foot of Britannia and the base of the shield. And the mint mark “B” is located in the centre prong of the trident. The 1921-B dollar was struck but never released for circulation, and only a limited number of 1934-B and 1935-B coins were released. Certain dates are found with a new date being over-struck on another; these include 1897-B over 1896-B, 1900-B over 1894-B, 1901-B over 1900-B, 1909-B over 1908-B, 1904-B over 1898-B, 1903-B over 1902-B, 1908-B over 1903-B, 1904-B over 1903-B, 1929-B over 1901-B, 1908-B over 1907-B, and 1910-B over 1900-B. The British Trade Dollar was demonetized on August 1, 1937 numismatic history where a coin of the realm has been demonetized, although that was changed in 1982 when the coin again became legal tender.

The quantity of produced British Trade Dollars in 1911 having the largest number issued of any year, 37.5 million.

Reference : silvercoinand.com

1 Dollar - 1897

Monday, August 30, 2010

Straits Settlements - Victoria Coins

This should be the Straits Settlements coins minted for Queen Victoria. It has been in my collection for quiet sometime. It has facinates me since i started collecting coins at the age of 9. And as i remember the 1 cent coin have been with me since that time. In the same coin holder. Will change the coin holder later. I remember when my late father bought me the coin, i was really really facinated. How can a coin that old still be in good condition as if it was minted yesterday. I could not believe it. And my late father used to tell me stories that he lived in the era where they only bring 1 cent to school(30's and 40's) and sometimes his mother (my grandmother) did give him Victorian 1 Cent coin for his pocket money. How he spend it? Haha... 1/4 cent for Coffee, 1/4 Cent for bread. 1/2 Cent to save for later. Fuuhhh..... thats how big was money at that time.....
Please take your time to look at these coins..... The picture just not that sharp. I had trouble to keep my hand still just snap the picture. I hope i did not give you headache by looking at it.....

1/4 Cent - 1899

1/2 Cent - 1883/rare

1 Cent - 1884

5 Cents - 1901

10 Cents - 1901

20 Cents - 1893/rare

50 Cents - 1896

Sunday, August 29, 2010

British North Borneo Coin

This should be my British North Borneo coin set. I was at a budget at that time, it takes me a while make it complete... Not a pristine condition, but a satisfaction to complete the set. But anyway i will of course someday upgrade to a better quality. Actually i wish for UNC set.... Fuhhh...... Thats what i call satisfaction....... :)

Half Cent 1886H

1 Cent 18??H - Not in good shape - i will replace this of course, anyone who care to make an offer?

1 Cent 1941H

2 1/2 Cent 1920H

5 Cent 1941H

25 Cents 1929H

Straits Settlements 1/2 Cent 1883

This is a rare item, it is only minted around 2.7Million pcs. They said it also hard to find because this is the time when the 1st world war started. So what happen really....?? For UNC piece it can goes up to RM2000. But not this one...... I cant really remember how much i pay for the coin. And that was long time ago.... trust me... it was really long long time ago.... I was a kid a that time....  I did change for a new holder... It was really yellowish in colour(from white) and got all conteng because it was recycled from other coin of mine.... Budget ma.... Now also have to budget.... :) If anybody would offer me to sell of this how much would you pay for it.... i just wonder....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Malaya & British Borneo ' Kapal Layar ' & Duit ' Kerbau'

1 dollar TDLR in UNC condition. B55-579676

This is the complete set of Malaya & British Borneo in my collection. The set of three consists of 2 pieces 1 dollar in different printer, TDLR and Waterlow & Sons and a TDLR 10 dollar. 10 dollar is the killer 1.

1 dollar Waterlow & Sons in EF condition. A33-680475

And lastly.... killer in the set. 10 dollar 1st March 1961. Which i think its quite expensive to own it. Cant afford to do that again.

10 Dollars TDLR in UNC Condition. small A22 013871

Another low note.....

This is something which i bought in pair.

And last but not least.....

All these three money arrived in 1 pos laju envelope. This is my first low serial note. It may be cheap, but the first feeling of having a low note in collection really gives the excitement.