Monday, August 30, 2010

Straits Settlements - Victoria Coins

This should be the Straits Settlements coins minted for Queen Victoria. It has been in my collection for quiet sometime. It has facinates me since i started collecting coins at the age of 9. And as i remember the 1 cent coin have been with me since that time. In the same coin holder. Will change the coin holder later. I remember when my late father bought me the coin, i was really really facinated. How can a coin that old still be in good condition as if it was minted yesterday. I could not believe it. And my late father used to tell me stories that he lived in the era where they only bring 1 cent to school(30's and 40's) and sometimes his mother (my grandmother) did give him Victorian 1 Cent coin for his pocket money. How he spend it? Haha... 1/4 cent for Coffee, 1/4 Cent for bread. 1/2 Cent to save for later. Fuuhhh..... thats how big was money at that time.....
Please take your time to look at these coins..... The picture just not that sharp. I had trouble to keep my hand still just snap the picture. I hope i did not give you headache by looking at it.....

1/4 Cent - 1899

1/2 Cent - 1883/rare

1 Cent - 1884

5 Cents - 1901

10 Cents - 1901

20 Cents - 1893/rare

50 Cents - 1896

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