Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Malaya & British Borneo ' Kapal Layar ' & Duit ' Kerbau'

1 dollar TDLR in UNC condition. B55-579676

This is the complete set of Malaya & British Borneo in my collection. The set of three consists of 2 pieces 1 dollar in different printer, TDLR and Waterlow & Sons and a TDLR 10 dollar. 10 dollar is the killer 1.

1 dollar Waterlow & Sons in EF condition. A33-680475

And lastly.... killer in the set. 10 dollar 1st March 1961. Which i think its quite expensive to own it. Cant afford to do that again.

10 Dollars TDLR in UNC Condition. small A22 013871

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